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BOOK REVIEW: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry

4.5 f*cking stars as Noah would say it

The kind of romance that is so f*cked up that it is so right. I loved it and I loved it!

This is a story of two teens with a very messed up life. Echo is a queen bee turned to freak due to an unfortunate event that led people to think that she is a cutter. Noah, a short-tempered stoner boy who has lost his family and is fighting for what is left. The two of them may be wrong for each other as society sees it but what are they to do when fate has brought them together?

This book was sitting on my shelf for months and just when I was searching for a book that will make me cry, someone suggested this and I say why not? Yes, the book did really make me cry, Noah's realization and choice at the end made me cry. Bless his heart.

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Yes, and then I can discuss with him/her what happened. :D

"Sometimes letting go is the only way to find out who you're emant to hold on to."

- the Perfect game, J. Sterling

"Sometimes letting go is the only way to find out who you're meant to hold on to."

- The Perfect Game. J. Sterling

Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando Book Review

Maybe This Time  - Chantal Fernando

Very good cover.
It immediately caught my eye, it is simple, not sloppy, even cool. And what kind of chick doen's go for a picture of a half naked guy on the cover?

Plot was highly predictable.
Summer loses her mother and is forced to move in with his half-brother whom she hasn't seen all her life but immediately loves. The said brother has very hot friends and innocent(somewhat) Summer falls for the scarred, closed-off, badboy Reid. Reid feels an instant attraction for Summer but refuses to act on it but will fold later on. Reid has issues and dark secrets but eventually the two will hook up.

Conflict has potential but needs more work.
Several conflicts are shown in the novel and it might have been a hell of drama if the author could have just focused on them. Such a waste though and I just let my imagination run and even shed a few tears for heart was breaking for Summer with her circumstances. I feel the author wanting to speed things up and getting a happy ever after for the two but a little more drama would have been made their happy ending much more sweeter.

Alpha males = HOT.
Need I say more?

Overall, the book does not just do it form me. It would have been great but that's it. Would have. Summer has been oput in a very high pedestal and it is almost unrealistic. Pros are the oozing testosterone constantly in every page of the book.

Eleanor and Park Review

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

I did not enjoy it as I thought I would. I got my hopes up form the rave from other readers that I must have heightened my expectations.

Great prologue, I was immediately taken with the prologue. And as my friend and I were looking for TFIOS somewhat reads(we're kinda masochists), I thought this might just be it. But when I began reading it becomes clear that the two are very much on different poles of drama.

This is the kind of book that you need a lot of imagination to give color to it. If you fail to have imagination or just half of it then you may not appreciate this book upon reading. It requires and is very dependent on how you think out of the box as it is very vague on what is happening.

The ending is also open ended and if you like a concrete happy ending you may want to hurl the book across the room(if you have violent tendencies).

Newbie blurb.

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