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Eleanor and Park Review

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

I did not enjoy it as I thought I would. I got my hopes up form the rave from other readers that I must have heightened my expectations.

Great prologue, I was immediately taken with the prologue. And as my friend and I were looking for TFIOS somewhat reads(we're kinda masochists), I thought this might just be it. But when I began reading it becomes clear that the two are very much on different poles of drama.

This is the kind of book that you need a lot of imagination to give color to it. If you fail to have imagination or just half of it then you may not appreciate this book upon reading. It requires and is very dependent on how you think out of the box as it is very vague on what is happening.

The ending is also open ended and if you like a concrete happy ending you may want to hurl the book across the room(if you have violent tendencies).